The rehearsal dinner


No, this heading doesn’t refer to a practice dinner. This is the dinner we (the MEDC speakers and I) had after the rehearsal.

This is where we learnt that Rob Tiffany is much, much more than a world-leading Windows Mobile expert: he is also a wine guru. So good were his wine choices, in fact, that the few Aussies at the table (hi Nick and Scott) taught our visitors some fine native slang which they were keen to showcase at the keynote the next day.

Unfortunately for the audience, though, the MEDC global team couldn’t figure out how to incorporate ‘a few kangaroos short of a paddock’ into their introductory comments. The world is a poorer place.  

If you would like to find out more about Australian slang (I know the MEDC global team did) – then here is a great resource.


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