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Post Event Excitement…the Branded Banquet!

Like all good things do, even MEDC has to come to an end. However, we couldn’t let it go without at least a little ‘hurrah’ so we organised a huge Aussie-style steakfest for speakers and other visiting dignitaries (that’s how they liked to think of themselves, at any rate).

So that everyone would know why we were all together at Kingsleys, Don Kerr organised a banquet menu with a special touch…a special branded touch, in fact. See if you can figure out what I’m referring to in the photo below…


Well, we learned, we built and we succeeded.

And here are the less blackmail-worthy shots from the dinner.


Let the sessions begin!

This year we ran three streams at MEDC – Mobile developer; Embedded developer and Windows Mobile Devices in Today’s Enterprise. We’ve cleverly put the presentations up for download – so you can revisit, remember and respect the wisdom. Just click here.

More to the point, if you look further down the download page, you may notice the links to the speaker’s blogs. I know that they’d love to hear from you.

Keyed up for the Keynote

We imported our keynote speaker all the way from Redmond….introducing Michele Freed, General Manager from Microsoft’s Mobile Information Worker group.

The keynote was a multimedia extravaganza – there were speakers galore; industry highlights; video and music overload…and best of all, the O-Phone video (watch it here).

Welcome, Everyone….

Welcome everyone  to MEDC….and thanks for your patience during registration.. (if you recognise yourself in the queue, add a comment and let us know who you are so we can label the photo) 

Patiently waiting to register…

Every mobile or embedded developer in ANZ seemed to be there…


And looking around the main hall, here are the stands where our Gold Sponsors were set up.


The Platinum sponsors were on the other side of the room.


Introducing the Girls of MEDC

Contrary to popular belief, events like MEDC ANZ are really complex things to pull together. So, before we get onto the meaty posts about the sessions and all the bits that the delegates saw, I’d like to say a big thank you to the organising team behind MEDC.

  • Grace Kerrison, the Microsoft Australia Windows and Embedded Business Group Lead
  • Kate Butler, from Jack Morton, the events company
  • Faustine Sartet, also from Jack Morton
  • Lisa de Zwaan, from Wunderman, the agency
  • Amina Waters, from Microsoft

Kate, Faustine and Lisa were responsible for all the communications and for making sure that the day ran smoothly from start to finish.  

The rehearsal dinner


No, this heading doesn’t refer to a practice dinner. This is the dinner we (the MEDC speakers and I) had after the rehearsal.

This is where we learnt that Rob Tiffany is much, much more than a world-leading Windows Mobile expert: he is also a wine guru. So good were his wine choices, in fact, that the few Aussies at the table (hi Nick and Scott) taught our visitors some fine native slang which they were keen to showcase at the keynote the next day.

Unfortunately for the audience, though, the MEDC global team couldn’t figure out how to incorporate ‘a few kangaroos short of a paddock’ into their introductory comments. The world is a poorer place.  

If you would like to find out more about Australian slang (I know the MEDC global team did) – then here is a great resource.

First Stop – Rehearsals

Twas the night before MEDC ANZ and all through the Sheraton,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a…. darn that rhyme!

Well, actually, there was a lot of action. We had a complete rehearsal to go through with all the speakers and the production people. Because we wanted to make a GREAT MEDC for you, our developers, partners and sponsors!

Here are some behind the scene pics. Some may be worthy of blackmail.

If what you have here isn’t enough, the global MEDC guys took hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of photos at MEDC US and ANZ – you can see them here