The O-Phone

Before we get onto the keynote, let’s mention the OPhone.

Is this a brilliant new product, unveiled at MEDC?

Is this a boomerang with a difference?

Have a look and you be the judge.


The Big Day Arrives!


Our fabulous conference organisers, Jack Morton, has worked long and hard to find a venue worthy of MEDC ANZ.

We thought the Sheraton on the Park looked great on the day. And what a snazzy staircase!

First Contact

Let’s set the record straight. Unlike many of the people who were at MEDC ANZ, I wasn’t familiar with the global team of Windows Mobile and Embedded gurus who were set to come out to our fair shores to impart their knowledge. Sure, the names were familiar – but I had no idea what Derek Snyder, Mike Hall, Rob Tiffany and Loke Uei Tan were going to be like.

And I only had that video to go on.

So Don Kerr, the Embedded Strategy Manager, kindly introduced us.

Welcome to MEDC ANZ 2007…the secret files….

Welcome to MEDC ANZ 2007! this blog is a quick peek at the workings that went into making this event happen….with some special ‘behind the scenes’  exclusive and super-secret background info (and incriminating photos). Over the course of our journey, we will follow the intrepid MEDC global team (hi Derek, Rob, Mike and Loke) as they experience the delights of Sydney; marvel as the Girls of MEDC perform miracles of organisation and socialising and say ‘ooh, err!’ a lot when we see just how good the Sheraton on the Park looked on the day. 

First, though, let’s set everyone’s expectations. This video made the rounds shortly before MEDC ANZ started. As an organiser of the event, I was understandably worried since I had never met the MEDC global team, here displaying truly frightening presentation skills.

Was the conference going to be a complete disaster? Was I going to be crushed to death under the weight of 300 disappointed developers as they ran out the door?